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Dr Gomez provides an extensive range of gynaecological services, all delivered with the highest standard of care in an environment that's safe, secure and reassuring.

Gynaecological services range from investigating infertility, managing abnormal cervical screening test results, treating menstrual disorders (including heavy periods), incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and fibroids to surgical procedures to diagnose and treat prolapse, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, cervical abnormalities and hysterectomy.

Dr Gomez will discuss all treatment options with you ranging from least invasive to surgery. He understands that each woman is different, and will assist you in choosing a treatment option to suit your individual needs. Please see below for more details.

Heavy periods

Heavy periods are common (one in every five women will complain about this) and affect women at some stage in their life. They can be troublesome, causing anaemia, low iron levels and tiredness, and have a profound affect on a woman’s overall quality of life. Some women are too embarrassed to talk about it or see a doctor for an assessment until the symptoms are severe. Dr Gomez has successfully helped and treated many women with heavy periods. He will listen, help alleviate your concerns and get you on to the right treatment.

Part of the assessment for heavy periods may include a hysteroscopy. This is a minor procedure performed in the operating rooms where a small camera is passed into the womb to look for any abnormalities in its lining that may be the cause of heavy periods. Sometimes polyps or fibroids are found and if removed this usually resolves heavy periods. Dr Gomez is happy to discuss management options for heavy periods depending on your goals. These may range from hormonal treatment to minimally invasive surgical options such as an endometrial ablation or a hysterectomy.

Protecting our patients against COVID-19

To protect our patients against the spread of COVID-19 we have implemented enhanced treatment and hygiene protocols as per Australian Medical Association guidelines. These protocols and policies are regularly reviewed and updated in light of changing advice. The safety of our patients and staff is always our first priority.

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